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Horse Riding Team Gran Canaria

Horse Riding Team




Sole is our Team Leader and horse riding activities organiser. She is Italian with European experience in France, the UK, Ireland and Italy. She's been living in Gran Canaria since 2008 where she obtained the Instructor qualification from the Spanish Equestrian Federation and a Diploma in Equinotherapy.

She says that she is never on time, because it's impossible when you have so many things to do and organise. So, if you have a meeting with her, just calculate a 15 minute delay! Then, she will receive you with a bright smile and a very professional and personal touch. She tries to understand and satisfy every client request, offering a very personalised service.

Sole's passion for horses was born at the age of 10, and her dream of becoming a horse riding teacher came true in Gran Canaria, her favourite place to live! She loves horse jumping and horseback riding in the beautiful natural landscapes of this island, as with a horse, she feels free!

In her free time (when she has some!) she's also very fond of Salsa dancing, sailing and snorkelling.





Yeray is our Chief Instructor with the widest experience and knowledge in horse teaching and horse riding teaching. He's just great with both horses and children.

He's Canarian and has been competing in horse jumping since the age of 10. Now he's running Gran Prix (1.35m) and training younger horses to jump.

He's well organised and fast in his job, except when he's hungry! So, don't forget to bring him a snack to get better results...just in case he forgot! He is an excellent trainer and coacher who you can learn a lot from.

Yeray has started learning the blacksmith trade and he is looking forward to doing a course soon. His dream is to breed horse jumpers here in Gran Canaria, which is not as easy as it sounds as there aren't many green fields here on the island!

In his free time he likes Salsa dancing, hockey and snorkelling.




Nadia is our new entry! She is almost a qualified Vet, and she is a very sensitive and caring person with animals and people, with the natural gift of teaching. She is in charge of all the beginner classes and the care of the horses.

She is a very funny, nice and pleasant person, but she has a strong character, so it's better to agree with her!

Born in Gran Canaria, she's done a lot of travelling, that's why she speaks very good English, with no Spanish accent. When she speaks Spanish, her accent sounds like she's from Madrid! How strange is that!

She's recently started competing in horse jumping, where she is progressing rapidly.

In her spare time, you could see Nadia shopping, sunbathing, walking her three huge Dalmatian dogs or having a drink and a dance on a night out.