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The Stars of the Show! Gran Canaria


Principe the horse




Age: 16


Breed: Pure Spanish                                      


Sex: Gelding



Hi, I'm Principe! I'm a Pure Spanish Stallion with a dappled grey coat that has brown spots all over it.

All of my paperwork says that I'm 16 years old - but I have a secret! According to my calculations, I'm around 20, but shhhh!

I've taken part in lots of 'Doma Vaquera' competitions in my time and I still remember a bit, so I can show the students a thing or two. 'Doma Vaquera' is one of the styles of horseriding in Spain. It's a style of horse riding which enables the rider to carry out daily duties on a working cattle ranch. It was especially developed out of the use of the horse for the handling of bulls and grew out of decades of daily work with them in the open countryside.

I was broken in when I was just 2 years old, that's why my back is a bit sunken and now I can only carry kids or adults that don't weigh very much.

I am totally in love with Princesa, but I've got the feeling that she's cheating on me with the only stud in the centre - Tueno.












Princesa the horse





Breed: Spanish Arabian                                                      


Sex: Mare



Let me introduce name is Princesa and I'm the female leader of the group. I may be the eldest, but even if I do say so myself, I'm the most attractive and the sexiest!

If you want me to behave to and do what you want me to do, then you better get on well with me. I've got a strong character and I'm not afriad to use it!

I love to eat, it's one thing that makes me happy. So, if we're out on an excursion, don't be surprised if I stop every now and again to snack - if it's green, then I eat it!

My white mane makes me look like a beautiful white swan when I'm bathed and clean. But to be honest, most of the time I'm more like an ugly duckling because I love to roll around in the dirt and sand!

At my age, I must admit, I'm a little bit lazy, that's why I prefer giving classes or taking beginners out on excursions. The rest of it is just like too much hard work!
















Apolo Oscar the horse


Age: 6


Breed: Pinto - Arabian                                                              


Sex: Gelding



Hi, I'm Apolo Oscar. My Mum's a Pinto, and my Dad's Arabian. I'm 6 years old, and I love jumping and excursions, so it's a good job that I have a lot of stamina!

I'm a bit of a non-conformist. I'm the first out of the stables and I like running free. I don't like anybody invading my space or getting close to my stable. If you do come close, make sure you have food on you for me, because if not, you won't get anywhere near!

On my forehead, I've got a white mark. Some say it resembles the map of Africa, others think it looks like the Santiago cross. Personally, I like the little white mark that I've got on my nose. I think it makes me look cute.

I'm a hard worker, so I prefer expert horse riders.


Apolo Oscar

Apolo OscarApolo OscarApolo Oscar












Bimbo the horse


Age: 15


Breed: Horse - Pony                                                                   


Sex: Gelding



Just like the bread over here in Gran Canaria, I'm called Bimbo.

I'm a 15 year old small Horse-Pony, but I look good for my age! I do eat a lot, but that's because I do a bit of everything at the stables - beginner classes, jumping classes, and I go out on excursions! I need to eat, to keep up my energy levels.

I'm brown all over except for a white star on my forehead.

I'm a bit of a loner, I like my own space. I may be small, but I defend my territory. The other horses have to watch out, if they invade my space, they get a little bite from me.

I love kids - they really look after me and give me lots of love and cuddles. They don't make me work too hard either, which is a bonus!


















Foxter the horse


Age: 12


Breed: Cross                                                                               


Sex: Gelding



Thank goodness my previous owner wanted a less ridiculous and more modern name for her horse! I could have been called 'New Year!', that's what's on my paperwork - just imagine that!

I'm strong and well formed and I'm very impulsive, which comes in handy for jumping and going out on excursions. I'm the jumping champion amongst the students in the school!

If you come and visit us, I might look at you out of the corner of my eye, it's my way of weighing you up and see what you're all about. I have the look of a human!

Just like a few of the others here at the stables, I love to eat. I only have to hear the sound of the food in the bag and my tongue pops out and I start to drool! Knowing that could work to your advantage. Bring me a treat and we'll be the best of friends forever!


















Kimberly the horse


Age: 12


Breed: English Pure Blood                                                  


Sex: Mare



I'm the first candidate on the list to be the next 'mother figure' of the stables.

I'm in a long distance relationship at the moment, which is difficult, but he's a horse of high standing, so he's worth the wait.

I'd describe myself as a little nervous. I'm big and strong, but if you take the time to get to know me, you'll realise that underneath I'm really good hearted. I'm great with kids at intermediary level who want to take me jumping or for a classical riding class.

As I'm ticklish all over, I'm not a very loving type of horse - I just can't! Beware if you have to dry me with a hair dryer! You have been warned!

















Nube the horse


Age: 9


Breed: Pure Bred Welsh Pony                                                 


Sex: Mare




I'm a miniature pony, completely white from head to hoof. I look like Barbie's pony!

I've even got a pink headstall with shiny blue stones, and blue reins and proctectors. My saddle cloth is a bubblegum pink colour - I look great!

The little boys and girls love me! They have a great time because I'm fast and I can run and jump! When I'm out on excursion, I never stop!

I am a bit nervous, so you've got to be patient but if you learn to understand me, we'll have a great time!

















Zeus the horse


Age: 12


Breed: Dutch - Spanish                                                              


Sex: Gelding



Some call me the 'big friendly giant' of the group. I'm the biggest horse in the stables, but I'm also one of the nicest.

I can be quite intimidating because of my size, the more you get to know me, to more you'll love me!

I'm a great jumper, and I can jump up to 1.20 metres. If you're doing classes at intermediary level, I'm the right chap for the job! If we're out on excursion, then I tend to take beginners because I'm easy to ride - I make sure I follow all the others and I don't stop very often - so you're safe in my hands.

I love to eat, and at my size, who could blame me. You'll also win me over hugs and treats!

















Brisa the horse


Age: 9


Breed: The Heinz Variety                                                         


Sex: Mare



Well, as you can tell from my 'breed description', nobody is really sure what breed I am! It doesn't matter to me, because I'm lucky enough to be good at everything. It doesn't matter if it's jumping, classical riding, or going out on excursions. I'm an all-rounder, and not many horses can say that!

I'm a bit vain and somewhat of a poser, and I do have a temper on me, but if you know how to handle me then I'll go anywhere with you - even to the end of the world!

I've a tendency to put on weight quickly, that's why I don't eat a lot and try to control what I do eat. I haven't got a sweet tooth, so it's not that hard.

I like to be part of a group because I get a bit scared on my own as I lack a bit of self confidence. That's why a more expert rider is more ideal for me.


















Chispa the horse


Age: 15


Breed: Mini USA Pony                                                               


Sex: Mare



I'm the mini-pony of the group - a real toy! I'm blonde, or what I mean to say is palomino, but blonde sounds like I have more fun!

I'm only really a pet for my owners or kids from 3 to 6 years old can ride me.

I like being in a group, and I live with the other pony Nube.

I'm the latest addition to the family, but they've welcomed me with open arms and I've got used to everything and everybody already. I love my new home because I get food whenever I want it, I've got a lot of freedom, and now I've got lots and lots of friends!


















Embajador the horse


Age: 5


Breed: Spanish Pure Bred                                                         


Sex: Gelding



I'm the youngest at the stables - just 5 years old! I'm strong, attractive, stylish, I love to learn new things, and I love going out on excursions. 

Nothings scares me. I'm a domineering young stallion. I like to go up front when I'm out on excursion - I like to lead and let the others follow me. It makes me feel good when I'm the leader and everybody confides in me to get them where they need to go.

I have a great time with my trainer and very soon I'll be able to give advanced classes and compete in classical riding - so watch this space!