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Questions and Answers


1. Do I need to be an experienced rider to do one of your excursions?
No. For some of the excursions no previous riding experience is necessary. We have excursions for experienced riders and less experienced riders. The excursions for those with less experience tend to be at a slower pace and less saddle time each day. We also do a test before the excursion to see how you manage the horse. Our horses are also used to following one another whilst out on excursion.


2. How will you know which horse to give me?
It is extremely important that you be honest about your riding experience. All riders are given horses that are suited to their level only. Beginners will get quiet and dependable horses, while intermediate/advanced riders will have livelier mounts.

3. How do I know what level rider I am?
Generally, there are 4 different levels of riders.

a)    Basic Level / Beginner Rider

This is a person with little or no riding experience. It can be somebody who has never been on a horse before, or never had horse riding lessons. The maximum excursion a Beginner Rider can do is 2 hours 30 minutes.

b)    Low Level / Novice Rider 

This is a rider who is capable of mounting and dismounting unassisted. You can control your own horse and you can apply the basic riding techniques. You are comfortable in walk and you know how to trot. The maximum excursion that a Novice Rider can do is 3 hours 30 minutes.

c)    Intermediary Level / Intermediate Rider

This is a rider who has a solid seat and is comfortable and controlled at all paces, including canters and gallops. You are proficient at riding over more challenging terrains. You are able to do excursions of up to 6 hours.

d)    High Level / Advanced Rider

This is a rider who can do all of the above and knows how to jump. You are confident when riding forward going and spirited horses. You probably compete.

Excursions can be planned for Basic to Intermediary level.

4. I want to go with someone else, but they don’t know how to ride. Is this possible?
Of course. We know its fun to go with someone you know, so if there are different levels of riders within the group, this isn’t a problem. More experienced riders can have a chance at cantering on the excursion, while beginners will go at a slower pace.

Or, if your friend/partner/family member doesn’t fancy getting on a horse, we have plenty of other activities that they can have a go at - Cycling, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Hiking, Golf or Surfing. They could even get their adrenaline pumping and try Sky Diving!

If they don’t fancy doing anything energetic at all we have other easy going or cultural activities that they can try or they can spend the holidays taking in the sights, at the beach, or relaxing by the pool at out charming holiday accommodation.

5. Is there a weight limit?
It is important for us to know the weight of each rider. We do realise that this is a delicate subject for some but the more we know, the more suitable the horse. The maximum weight limit is usually around 100 kilos (about 15 stones) but this depends on the horses available. A more acceptable maximum weight would be between 70 to 80 kilos (11 - 12.5 stones).


6. How old do you have to be to go on one of the excursions?
The minimum age to go out on an excursion would be 8 to 10 years old. Rather than the age, what is more important is the height. Children need to be tall enough to grip their legs around the horse. The minimum height for excursions would be 1m 30cm.


7. How many children can go on the same excursion at the same time and for how long?
In one group, up to 3 children can go together as long as they are accompanied by at least one adult member of the family/group. Children can do excursions of up to 2.15 hours.


8. Will I be accompanied by a guide?
Our guests are always accompanied by a guide who has many years of experience in riding and is a qualified horse riding excursion guide.

9. Will I understand my guide?
Yes, at our horse centre the staff speak English, French, Italian and of course Spanish.


10. What are the best clothes to wear for the excursions?
We recommend that you wear long comfortable trousers rather then shorts and boots or trainers for footwear. Don't forget to put on the suncream either!


11. Can you help me design my own horse riding holiday?
Yes, of course. We can tailor make your holiday to your needs. You tell us what you’re looking for and we can put some suggestions together for you. We can organise all aspects of your holiday. You can even compliment your horse riding holiday with other activities such as cycling, scuba diving, hiking, fishing, golf or surfing. We also have a selection of more “easy going” activities and cultural activities that are also available to you. It really is up to you. You can do as little or as much as you want.

12. How do I booking with Horse Riding Included?
Easy. Just click on any link that says ‘Make an Enquiry’. You can complete the on-line enquiry form, or if you just want to drop us a quick email with your contact details, we can contact you and ask the questions over the phone or by email. It really is as easy as that.