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About Us


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Your way is our way!

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Personal assistance from start to finish!

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A one stop shop service – we do the work and you enjoy the adventure!

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You don’t have to do it yourself, we organise everything for you!

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The best of everything – the best flights, the best accommodation, the best professionals, the best excursions, the best experience, and the best prices!

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Activity Holidays where you have a choice! Package or Tailor-made activity holidays.

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Cycling, Diving, Hiking, Fishing, Horse Riding, Surfing, Golf – Pick and Choose!

Why Adventure Included?

We, like you, are people who love nature, sports, the arts, and we have curious minds, but above all, we love to have fun!

Our charming island of Gran Canaria, the island of diversity and richness, with its variety of landscapes, splendid beaches, and a sun that shines on more than 300 days a year, is what allows us to enjoy the different types of activities the island has to offer – from hiking to horse riding, from cycling to surfing, the choice is there, but what really matters to us is being surrounded by nature while we do the things we love to do. The arts also intrigue us, we long to find beauty through the creativity of the different art forms, and here on the island the choice is also there.

This is where it all began. It was a passion for sports and activities, our knowledge of the island, a desire to share this with like-minded people, and 20 years of experience in tourism that has allowed us to create this company specifically dedicated to activity holidays so that we can introduce you to the wonders of this beautiful island.


Our Mission Statement

To provide to the free spirited, nature loving and adventurous soul, a carefree and quality activity holiday; complete with choices and the total convenience of a fully personalised service offered by friendly, attentive and efficient people who share the same values.


The Company

Adventure Included is a company specialised in fun and carefree activity holidays with a difference. We have a whole range of activities and programmes on offer that can be tailor made to suit everyone, so whatever your idea of fun is, we can do it.
For the active and adventurous we have a selection of Fun Activities for you to pick and choose. Cycling Included, Diving Included, Fishing Included, Golf Included, Hiking Included and Surfing Included are all part of the group Adventure Included.
If you’re looking for a bit of action but something less strenuous, then our Easy Going Activities are just for you - a sightseeing trip or a quad bike safari - there’s something for everyone.
Gran Canaria also offers a wide range of Cultural Activities that encompass all aspects of artistic creativity.

We take care of the logistics, the planning and the organisation from start to finish. We can provide flights, transfers, accommodation and the activities – the best professionals, the best service, at the best prices!

The difference is our personalised service, the ‘personal touch’. You’ll have exclusive and individual assistance from beginning to end. A booking representative will be assigned to you from the moment you contact us, and while you are on-site you will have a designated activities coordinator to assist you in whatever you may need.

Adventure Included... Active Holidays your way!

Get to know the people at Adventure Included before you come out and see us – you may talk to some of us over the phone, or you’ll see us at the holiday accommodation, or we’ll be riding the waves with you...


Administration Team


Rachel is our Activities Coordinator and the English member of our team. She’s been living in Gran Canaria since 2003 and believe it or not, her Sheffield accent gets stronger and stronger! Her Spanish accent is excellent and she has a real love for everything Spanish.

She says that she’s not the most organised person you’ll ever meet, but not to worry because she knows where it is! The fact is she is quite efficient. She is bright, pleasant and nice to look at.

Her favourite activity is hiking – “the island of Gran Canaria has a lot of hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered and the best way to do it is on foot”.

You’ll also see her at the pool bar having a well deserved after work pint!




Ruth has the local knowledge as she was born and raised on this wonderful island. She has lived part of her life abroad and she loves her languages – German, English and Spanish.

Being a Canarian girl, she loves the beach and the sea where she feels energized and ready for action.

She’s a bit fussy with her things, so don’t touch anything on her desk. She keeps it super organised so she’ll know if you take anything! Careful not to lose a hand!

One of her talents is impersonating people and she’s always up for a laugh. She’s a happy person who is very approachable. You’ll love to meet her!




Marianne is our Accountant. She was born in Switzerland, but has been living on the island of Gran Canaria for more than 20 years. She speaks Spanish, French, English and German.

Marianne wasn’t born to be part of this materialistic capitalist society. She never asks for a pay rise, only to work less hours. She’d rather practice her three passions – yoga, running, and hiking, instead of making money.

She says that Switzerland has taught her to be a responsible and ethical person and to love nature but Gran Canaria has allowed her to develop herself as a person – she’s now more open and more understanding with others and she has become more flexible so she has a great ability of adaptation to deal with the changes that life has to offer.

She particularly loves hiking all night long under a full moon during the months of July and September and camping between the mountains under the stars. Marianne has a golden heart.


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